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NMN Powder Resveratrol Bundle 2

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NMN High Purity Capsules

From $49.90 to $59.90. Independently tested.

TMG Capsules x 60 $39.95

From $33.90 to $39.90 Formulated and bottled in New Zealand

MicroVit+ Micro Vitamin with hyarulonic acid

From $33.90 to $39.90 Formulated and bottled in New Zealand

GlyNAC (GLYCINE & NAC) Capsules

From $33.90 to $39.90 Formulated and bottled in New Zealand

Pure NMN Powder - 60g

From $145 to $169 Independently tested.

Pure NMN Powder - 30g

From $85 to $99 Independently tested

Trans Resveratrol

High Purity from $22.50 to $29.90

NR High Purity Capsules

From $39.95 to $49.95

Benefits of NAD Boosting Supplements

Users report both mental and physical improvements:

  • Improved mental clarity and memory
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Reduction in night cramps
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved blood test results
  • Restored skin vitality
  • Reduction in grey hairs
  • Improved circulation
  • Higher energy levels

What our clients have to say

Jacqui Gilbert
Jacqui Gilbert
19 September 2023
I love this company!!! I've been ordering our nmn off them for a while now! The have super competitive deals are are totally reliable. I have a subscription so have regular deliveries plus I take advantage of the deals that come up and they are by far the cheapest around and for me of course local. Deliveries are usually next day!! The capsules are vegan which is great for me!! Plus they are fully certified! Yum I love them and highly recommend them!!
27 July 2023
Super fast delivery never ceases to amaze me how efficient their operation is. I have been taking NMN 650mg per day for one year now. I am a 63 year old woman and feel 10 years younger. This could also be correlated with the stem cell procedure in both knees which was done 7 1/2 months ago by Ak Regenerative Clinic. Bouncing around with energy plus. Thank goodness for all of this new science.
Will Koning
Will Koning
21 July 2023
Quality product!
Gary Saunders
Gary Saunders
26 June 2023
The key to me when taking My Vitality supplements is that I feel just that little bit better and vibrant after I take them. I like that feeling and anything that contributes to making me feel better I am into. Recommend trying My Vitality out. The proof is in the feeling
21 June 2023
Great to have a local NZ option which ships super quickly. Customer service from Stephen is excellent, he replies very quickly & is always happy to help if I need to move out my subscription renewals!
danna knox
danna knox
17 June 2023
Excellent customer care and service. Good company o deal with highly recommend
Steven Hobson
Steven Hobson
17 June 2023
Great product and value compared to all other international options. Also gives you confidence buying from an NZ company with proof of independent testing of the NMN purity. Great customer service from Stephen!
Arun S
Arun S
3 June 2023
Super fast delivery and good price which is great but the main thing has been the positive effects NMN has had for my health. I looked at other brands but my vitality NMN was the only NZ based seller I could find actually had proven third-party testing. Some others claimed it but didn’t display it anywhere on their products listing info. I also like to support New Zealand companies and the others all seemed to be importing overseas brands. I’ve tried buying from the states in the past but the shipping delays are just horrendous. Sleeping better, more energy, aches and pains reducing, my wife reckons my grey hairs have got less (not sure about that one). They also answered some questions I had really quickly when I emailed them - can’t recommend these guys highly enough!
mike d
mike d
9 May 2023
As probably a more younger taker of NMN this supplement has really helped me with my recovery, post Covid. I feel closer to my old self. My sleep has massively improved these last few months from taking 3 capsules of 300mg a day. Highly recommend!
Bill Lavelle
Bill Lavelle
14 November 2022
Quick and helpful pleasure to work with.

When you buy from us you know that:

  • Your longevity supplements are formulated and bottled in New Zealand
  • Your order is shipped in New Zealand (no NZ or AUS GST or customs fees added at the border)
  • You are buying from a 100% kiwi owned company
  • All prices are in NZ dollars
  • New Zealand production ensures quality
  • Your NR or NMN has guaranteed purity (99%+)

NMN vs NR - Which one to choose?

There is compelling evidence for the efficacy of both NMN and NR in supporting our body’s levels of NAD+.

Nicotinamide riboside has been available for a few more years, while nicotinamide mononucleotide was developed more recently by Professor David Sinclair at Harvard Medical School.

NR and NMN bundle

In the end, each product has its adherents, and both can help to support our immunity, energy levels, healthy circulation, skin vitality, and mental clarity. In fact, some scientists argue that since they use different pathways to support the production of NAD+ in our bodies, it makes sense to take both.

If you want to know more check out our articles page.

NAD Boosters and complimentary supplements

MyVitality NMN supplement (nicotinamide mononucleotide) and NR supplement (nicotinamide riboside) are leading-edge scientifically established NAD+ boosters. Along with the complimentary supplement Trans-Resveratrol, they promote longevity and support healthy aging. NAD+ declines with age, but is vital to cellular metabolism, turning nutrients into cellular energy, and also to the activation of sirtuins, a set of proteins that regulate cellular health. MyVitality is New Zealand owned and operated, and our products are encapsulated and bottled in New Zealand at an NZ certified facility.
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